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)SI - Show the State Indicator or workspace Status Indicator:


Function2[7]   *

In the above function, Function1 called Function2 at line 5 within Function1.  Then Function2 became suspended (note the *) at line 7 in Function2. Function1 does not have an asterisk next to it, so it is called a pendent or pending function - pending resolution or correction of Function2[7] line 7 - wherein APL's Interpreter was suspended or stopped. Note that the most recent interruption is listed at the top of the State Indicator stack. The topmost function is where an error occurred or processing was suspended/halted/a break occurred - and is where you or an APL system programmer needs to most closely scrutinize or debug the APL coding.

)SI lists user functions and operators (and their associated line numbers) in the current APL workspace state indicator with an asterisk(*) for all immediate execution expressions that were suspended.

)SI is useful for debugging purposes and as a reminder of where you the APL programmer or an APL user encountered an error. )SI is saved when the workspace is )SAVE'd and is available for the next APL/NARS user session.

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