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When Using NARS2000, there is a 'clickable' keyboard called the Language Toolbar. It appears at the top of the window, above the Multiple Document Interface 'gray area' where workspaces appear.

The Language Toolbar can be enabled or disabled through the view, language toolbar menu.

The actual toolbar (except for the part marked "Second Row" which appears below it) is one continuous row; for the convenience of the reader of this wiki it has been broken into multiple rows and the blue squares indicate where the toolbar has been separated. Hover over any symbol for its name. Click on a symbol to go to the page explaining its function.

NARS 2000 Lang
+ - × ÷ * ! ? |
< = >
~ § π .. ,
/ \ ¨ .
_ ¯
Second Row i j k i j k l g p r v x

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