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There are two ways to enter APL characters into an article:

  1. Paste the APL symbols from a Unicode APL session and surround the entire phrase with <apl>...</apl>, or
  2. Type the APL symbol names enclosing each in braces and surround the entire phrase with <apl>...</apl>.

For example, the phrase


can be encoded as

<apl font="SImPL" size="large">({downshoe}V){match}((V{iota}V)={iota}{rho}V)/V</apl>

The arguments to the tag <apl> are font=, size=, and weight=, where each keyword takes as an argument the usual CSS values. For example, the tag

<apl font="SImPL" size="large" weight="bold">...</apl>

translates into

<span style="font-family: SImPL; font-size: large; font-weight: bold;">...</span>

As a convenience when displaying APL symbols you desire to be in a large font and bold, the tags <apll>...</apll> may be used. For example, the first phrase above written as


appears as