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Niladic System Functions
⎕A Uppercase English Alphabet ⎕AV Atomic Vector ⎕EM Event Message ⎕ET Event Type
⎕LC Line Counter ⎕NNAMES Names of Open Native Files ⎕NNUMS Tie Numbers of Open Native Files ⎕SYSID System Identifier
⎕SYSVER System Version ⎕TC Terminal Control Characters ⎕TCBEL Terminal Control Character, Bell ⎕TCBS Terminal Control Character, Backspace
⎕TCESC Terminal Control Character, Escape ⎕TCFF Terminal Control Character, Form Feed ⎕TCHT Terminal Control Character, Horizontal Tab ⎕TCLF Terminal Control Character, Line Feed
⎕TCNL Terminal Control Character, New Line ⎕TCNUL Terminal Control Character, Null ⎕TS Time Stamp ⎕WA Workspace Available
Monadic or dyadic system functions
⎕AT Attributes ⎕CR Canonical representation ⎕DC Data Conversion ⎕DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
⎕DL Delay execution ⎕DR Data representation ⎕EA Execute alternate ⎕EC Execute controlled
⎕ERROR Signal error ⎕ES Event simulate ⎕EX Expunge names ⎕FMT Format
⎕FX Function fix ⎕MF Monitor function ⎕NAPPEND Append data to an open native file ⎕NC Name classification
⎕NCREATE Create and open a native file ⎕NERASE Erase an open native file ⎕NINFO Return native file information ⎕NL Name list
⎕NLOCK Lock/Unlock a native file ⎕NREAD Read data from an open native file ⎕NRENAME Rename an open native file ⎕NREPLACE Replace data in an open native file
⎕NRESIZE Resize an open native file ⎕NSIZE Get the size of an open native file ⎕NTIE Open a native file ⎕NUNTIE Close a native file
⎕STOP Stop execution of a user-defined function ⎕TF Transfer form ⎕TRACE Trace execution of a user-defined function ⎕UCS Universal character set
⎕VR Vector representation of a function