System Functions

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⎕A (Uppercase English Alphabet)
⎕AT (Object Attributes)
⎕AV (Atomic Vector)
⎕CR (Canonical Representation)
⎕DM (Diagnostic Message)
⎕DR (Data Representation)
⎕EA (Execute Alternate)
⎕EC (Execute Controlled)
⎕EM (Event Message)
⎕ERROR (Signal Error)
⎕ES (Event Simulate)
⎕ET (Event Type)
⎕FMT (Format)
⎕MF (Monitor Function)
⎕Nxxx (Native File Functions)
⎕NC (Name Class)
⎕NL (Name List)
⎕SYSID (System Identifier)
⎕SYSVER (System Version)
⎕TC/⎕TCxxx (Terminal Control)
⎕TF (Transfer Form)
⎕UCS (Universal Character Set)
⎕VR (Visual Representation)
⎕WA (Workspace Available)