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<h1>)WSID - Name the current workspace</h1>
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When you begin using the APL interpreter, the Session Manager presents you with a blank screen, and your workspace has a blank name, it's known as a CLEAR WS. In order to be able to save your workspace, you must give it a name. You can do this without saving the workspace, by issuing a ''')WSID''' command followed by the workspace name.  You can also name the workspace by doing the same thing with the [[System Command SAVE|)SAVE]] command.
Issuing the )WSID command without an argument lists the current name of the workspace. Otherwise it changes the name of the workspace to the argument and reports the prior name. Because a space is a value separator, you cannot give a workspace a name with spaces in it, the name will be chopped at the first space; underlines may be used instead. If you want to create a name with a space you must use the {quad}WSID system function instead. Case is preserved on the WSID argument.
The command works like this:<code><br/>
:)wsid big<br/>
:)wsid hello there<br/>
WAS big<br/>
IS hello<br/>
:)wsid x_5<br/>
WAS hello<br/>
IS x_5
:)Wsid Mixed_Case
WAS x_5
IS Mixed_Case
The equivalent System Variable to allow a function to set or retrieve the workspace name is [[System Variable WSID|{quad}WSID]].
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