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There are several ways to exit the NARS 2000 APL interpreter. As with any Windows program,

  • you can use the File,Exit menu command
  • you can click on the close box (the red X in the upper right hand corner of the window)
  • you can click on the icon on the upper left corner and click on 'close', or,
  • as the close box indicates, you can also issue the keystroke ALT+F4.

You can also issue the standard APL system commands, which are




These commands are carryovers from the days when APL was the command-line interpreter of the operating system, like DOS was when PCs were first introduced. You logged onto the APL timesharing system, gave a username or user number and a password, and you were transferred to the APL system allowing you to load an APL workspace or create one. To finish your session and disconnect from the system, you issued the command )OFF or )EXIT. If you were going to log back on or someone else was, you could issue the command )OFF HOLD and if you were on a dial-up line the mainframe did not hang up, but presented a logon prompt.

The )EXIT and )OFF system commands perform the identical action as closing the interpreter program through any of the standard Windows actions or keystrokes, they cause the interpreter to exit back to Windows.

The close is done instantly, no confirmation is requested, any workspace in memory is destroyed without saving, and the interpreter immediately quits. If you want to keep any changes to the current workspace, you must )SAVE your workspace before using the )EXIT or )OFF system commands.

System Commands (not case sensitive)

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