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→ — Branch to a line in a function — Keystroke ALT+] — Character 8594 or 0x2192


Alternate Names

This symbol is also known as right arrow or APL text symbol {rightarrow}.


The goto symbol may be used as a conditional branch (branch based on a comparison) or an unconditional branch, or it may be used to exit a function. It is most often used in a function to transfer control, but can be used from the session manager to transfer to a line in a suspended function.

Conditional branch

The value to the right of the arrow is a boolean expression or non-negative number surrounded by parentheses, followed by a slash symbol and the line number to transfer to if the expression is true for a boolean expression or nonzero for a numeric value. A DOMAIN ERROR occurs if the numeric value is negative. In the following line 5 of a function:

[5] →(A<1)/22

Will branch to line 22 of the function if the value of A is less than 1. Execution would continue on line 6 if A was 1 or more.

Unconditional branch

The goto symbol is followed on the right either by the line number or a label. Execution continues in the function at that line (unless the line specified is 0, in which case the function exits.)

Exit Function

The goto symbol may be used to exit a function and return to the calling function (or return to the session manager if the function was called by the user typing its name) by using 0 as the line number to goto.


Exit Function

In the following example, function one calls function two, which exits part way through the function, returning to function 1.


[0] one
[1] 'This is one'
[2] two
[3] 'return to one from two'


[0] two
[1] 'This is two'
[2] →0
[3] 'Two Continues'


This is one
This is two
return to one from two

Another Example see: Control Structures - Branching Example

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