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Welcome To The NARS2000 Project


Welcome to NARS2000 Wiki where Nested Arrays-APL-APL2, how they work and what they do - abundantly awaits you, as a learning tool and later as a great reference and refresher! This wiki also proposes to create an on-line reference for the APL Programming Language (this is a link to the article on Wikipedia) as implemented by NARS2000.
Useful NARS links: NARS2000 home page, NARS news. Sudley Place APL Projects.
NARS2000 Download and NARS2000 Source Code at
ACM Special Interest Group - SIG APL including APL News generally.

Getting Started

Compatibility With Extended APL Standard

NARS2000 is compatible with the Extended APL Standard (ISO-IEC 13751). There are many consistent extensions, and one unimplemented but optional feature.

Detailed Documentation

APL-APL2 Programming-Developers (most Users viewing this page):

Adding to the Wiki

Developer's Corner

C/C++/Bison/PHP Programming, NARS Interpreter Developers:

  1. Creating New System Functions - creating new "quad" system functions for NARS2000.exe