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The characters used by this wiki and by NARS2000 when writing a workspace to disk have a specific name in order that they can be displayed in ASCII text and if necessary for display purposes they have a specific Unicode value so that they can be read exactly if read from a binary file and so they can be displayed within the APL font.

When it is necessary to describe a character it's usually easier to remember the name than a hexidecimal code number. For example, the APL quad symbol "⎕" is internalized as Unicode U+9109, it can be displayed on a web page using the symbol ⎕ or can be referenced on this wiki by the name {quad}. This wiki is set up to show these brace symbols as APL characters in ordinary text.

If you want to show a series of apl characters in monospace, you can surround them block like this: <apl>{quad}</apl> (which looks like this: ) for regular size APL characters (which may be cut off on some displays), or <apll>{quad}</apll> for larger APL characters also in a monospace font, and looks like this: .