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)XLOAD - Load a workspace from disc without executing ⎕LX

In order to use a prior workspace again, you must load the workspace from disk. This is the same as when you want to resume editing a document in a word processor or a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet program, you have to load what you were previously working on. Now you could use the )LOAD function to load any workspace, but if you want to load a workspace without executing the ⎕LX system function stored in the workspace, you must use the )XLOAD command. The )XLOAD command itself is not case sensitive, you can use )XLOAD or )xload.

You issue the command

)XLOAD workspacename

Where "workspacename" is the workspace you want to use. The name cannot contain spaces. If the load was successful, it will list the name of the workspace and the time and date it was last saved.

The Session Manager opens a new window on the newly )XLOAD ed workspace.

The command works like this:

)XLOAD this_is_my_workspace

The Session Manager opens a new window with the new workspace loaded, then displays the following: SAVED 02/27/2013 4:17:53
Where the date and time will be the last instance that the workspace was saved.

The contents of the system variable ⎕LX as stored in the workspace is ignored if set, and session manager returns control to you immediately after loading the workspace. If you have a workspace where you do want to execute ⎕LX on loading, use the command )LOAD.

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