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)SAVE - Save the current workspace to disc

In order to use the functions and variables which you have created again, you must save the workspace you are using. This is the same as when you edit a document in a word processor or a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet program, you have to save what you are working on. If your workspace is still the CLEAR workspace, you must either use the )WSID command before saving or you must give a name on the )SAVE command. You cannot save the CLEAR workspace without giving it a name.

You issue the command


if the workspace has a name, or

)SAVE workspacename

Where "workspacename" is the name you want to use. If the save was successful, it will list the name of the workspace and the current time and date. The save command will fail if you are in a CLEAR WS and you give the )SAVE command without giving a name for the workspace. The name cannot have spaces in it, anything following a space will be ignored.

The command works like this:

      )SAVE This_is_my_Workspace
This_is_my_Workspace SAVED 02/26/2013 23:49:12

If you use the )SAVE command again, it will replace the existing workspace. Note that if you use the same name as an existing workspace, it will replace it without asking if you want to overwrite it.

To continue to use a workspace again after saving it, use the )LOAD or )XLOAD commands. The difference being that when a workspace is retrieved using )LOAD, the value of the system variable ⎕LX is executed before the Session Manager returns control to the user; }XLOAD does not execute the system variable ⎕LX.

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