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APL is the name of an ocean carriage company, and Nars is the last name of a famous game-show host.

Actually, APL is one of those redundant acronyms, like where someone says they'll use the ATM machine, where M in ATM means machine. People say "APL programming language" when APL means "A programming language." Oh, does that mean APL is just a programming language, or is it the A programming language, to go along with the C programming language?

NARS stands for Nested Arrays Research System. Of course it might be interesting if it was the National Association of Retarded Sitizens, sort of like the way the guy who was with the University of Nebraska Football team, when asked what the "N" in their logo stood for, said "Knowledge."

It's a damn shame APL more-or-less didn't go anywhere, it's the most powerful programming language ever developed. I've looked at it from time to time when I first heard about it when I went to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California back around 1979.